2.1.42022 January 1Added download for 64 bit version of Excel and minor fixes.
2.1.32017 April 29Some minor bug fixes.
2.1.22017 February 14Added new AP reports for reconciliation between AP and GL by General Ledger account. Added new Trial Balance Report by Balancing segments (Allowed by balancing segment security rules).
2.1.12016 November 30Added new AR reports for reconciliation between AR and GL by General Ledger account.
2.12016 August 31Translation of forms into other languages: French, German, Italian and Spanish. The default language is English.
2.02016 July 20Integration with Blitz Reports (Enginatics).
1.32016-May 31Enabled Drill-down to Sub ledger details from different sources like: accounts, journals, trial balances, P&L and balance sheets. Using the reference fields for release 11 and XLA tables for release 12.
1.22016 April 10Fixed issue of high CPU usage when running application with Excel version 2013.
1.12016 March 31Improved security and performance using Bind Variables in SQL statements. Minor bug fixes.
1.02016 March 23Initial version.