Populated Front Page 'Cockpit'

Now we have logged into the Oracle Vision database called EBSDB and signed on with a user called OPERATIONS. Everything is driven by the responsibilities you have been assigned to in Oracle EBS. If you i.e. change your responsibility which is linked to another Ledger, all the setup values and flexfields etc. will change accordingly.

There are 4 main sections on the Front Page:
1. Setup Values and Definitions.
2. Flexfield Information.
3. Parameter Selections.
4. Report Selections.

Empty Front Page 'Cockpit'

This is the page you see when starting the application. The form is empty as you have not yet logged in to any Oracle database and signed in to your Oracle EBS account.

When you are logging in to the database, the connection will be tested and if successfully, you will be asked to enter your Oracle username and password. All setup values and relevant accounting information will then be loaded to the application automatically.

Added Excel Menu

A new menu item in Excel called KC Apps will be activated when you run the application. It is context sensitive meaning that only relevant buttons are active depending on where you are in the application. Language of the forms can be switched between English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

From here you can login to Oracle databases and EBS, change connections, create Snaphots, navigate, log out and exit from the application. There are links to user forums etc.